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The Book of Matthew
Matthew was taught by Dr. James Modlish


8:1 Similar passage in (Lk. 6:17-49), but different Lk. discourse is given on a plain (vs. 17), whereas Matt. is on a Mount.

In (Matt. 8) the disciples have not all been called; whereas all 12 are present in (Lk. 6).

8:2-4 Paralleled account is in (Mk. 1:44,45). The most frequent question that comes from this is why the instruction to tell no one.


[1]. (Lk. 4:24-30) had already taken place - notice its (vs. 27) that precipitates the next event.
[2]. Jesus was submitting proof of deity.
[3]. Jesus was exceeding the capabilities of Elijah.
[4]. Jesus could not fuel the fire too much before His time was come.
[5]. The bigger issue was Jesus Messiahship that was being challenged - (Matt. 16:20).

This is the first time Jesus is addressed "Lord" in the New Testament.

Leprosy is a type of sin - (Num. 12:9-13; Ps. 51:5). Laws concerning leprosy and cleansing - (Lev. 13-15). In general:

[1]. Leprosy could only be healed by God.
[2]. Could spread if not checked.
[3]. Could pollute houses and clothes as well as bodies.
[4]. Blood sacrifice was required for cleansing.

"And touched him"

Jesus violated the law - (Lev. 13:46); yet the Mosaic priest is allowed to touch the leper by means of shed blood - (Lev. 14:14).

Did not Jesus bare our infirmities and sickness (Matt. 8:17), and as our High Priest (Heb. 3:1). He can apply the remedy for the leprosy of sin.

The gift in linked with the requirement for cleansing in (Lev. 14:19-24).

Are healing and salvation the only things Christ took care of when He died? There are some other things:

[1]. He died for the curse on nature. Thorns came from the curse and thorns were jammed on His head.
[2]. He died for the curse on animal life - they will return to a harmonious situation at the Advent - (Isa. 110.
[3]. He died for the curse placed on the world itself, for He is said to have bought this world (Matt. 13:38,44) by his blood.

You cannot claim a lion to start eating grass by the atonement through faith, nor your body not to rot in the ground nor no more earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, etc.

In short, God may heal you. He may do it by medicine (1 Tim. 5:23; Isa. 38:21) or without medicine (Acts 3:7) or He may leave you sick (2 Tim. 4:30; 2 Cor. 12:5-8), but healing is still in the atonement.


[1]. Centurions were Roman officers who were over 100 soldiers. Several of them in the Bible turn out to have positive character:

    (a). One bears witness to Christ righteousness and deity at the crucifixion - (Matt. 27:54; Lk. 23:47).

    (b). Peter preaches his 1st Gentile message to one - (Acts 10).

    (c). One is responsible for Paul's release in (Acts 22:26).

[2]. Palsy is a muscle disease that produces a shaking disorder as in Parkinson disease, or Bells Palsy.


[1]. The centurions statement gets to the heart of Jesus. He says in effect: If I have to obey my superiors and the men under me have to obey me. the You ought to be able to control anything under You because You are the Lord.

Jesus calls this reasoning faith!

*The man does not conclude that Jesus is obligated to heal his servant - that would be presumption, but only that Christ has the authority to do it!

[2]. The "many" of (vs. 11) is a veiled reference to the part the Gentiles will have in the Millennial kingdom which is primarily promised to Israel. We have already had some hints - Gentile women in Christ genealogy - (Matt. 1); kings from the last - (Matt. 2). The subject here is not the church, but the kingdom of heaven.
[3]. Children of the kingdom, if these are New Testament Christians, then our entire theological system is in trouble - (Matt. 22:13).

8:14,15 This is of course an embarrassing text to anyone who believes Peter was the first Pope.

Leprosy, palsy, and fever right after Sermon on the Mount occurring where they do, they fulfill in type the coming Millennium - (Exe. 34:16; Isa. 33:24; 35-6). Necessity was laid upon Jesus to heal so the gate way could be opened to these Mill. passages.

8:16,17 "All that were sick" - no failures in Jesus healing crusade. Peter enjoyed the same success (Acts 5:16). In (Mk. 2:5) a man is healed upon the faith of those who brought him. In (Mk. 6:5) Jesus healed people when no one believed.

This loose translation of (Isa. 53) (any author has the liberty of freely quoting his own work) has to do with the atonement.

But some carry the reasoning too far by assuming that since salvation is offered by virtue of the atonement and is consequently available to everyone healing is equally available. This position is reinforced by (1 Cor. 12:9; 3 Jn. 2).

8:18-22 "Saw great multitudes" - Jesus had a frequent need to escape for prayer, rest or purposes known only to Him. (Matt. 14:13; Mk. 1:45; 3:9; Lk. 6:12; Jn. 6:15). The ministry creates a need for occasional isolation.

8:19 The scribe had no idea of the cost - this deficiency in understanding is normal - see Peter, (Lk. 22:33,46). The obvious implication is the disciple must be able to sleep outdoors on the ground for Jesus didn't always have a house to sleep in - (Jn. 7:53; 8:1).

8:20 There is a bit of irony and sarcasm in the Lords rebuke - for foxes and some birds are a picture of the Devil and his crowd.

Fox - (Song of Sol. 2:15; Lk. 13:31,32)

Birds - (Matt. 13:4; Rev. 18:2)

The gist of the statement is the devil and his bunch are better taken care of on this earth than the Son of God - so why do we expect such good treatment.

8:21,22 Jesus answer would certainly empty the church of the average 20th century outfit. The obvious answer is the call to preach is more important than burying relatives. It is also clear that "live" people can be "dead." See (Eph. 2:1; 5:14).

8:23-27 The doctrine is clear - the God of (Ps. 104) is present! The inspiration is too good to pass up:

[1]. Billows do come when you climb into the ship with Jesus.

[2]. When things are at their worst, you sometimes get the impression God is asleep.

[3]. We forget that it's impossible to "perish" in Christ!

[4]. The billows were allowed as a lesson of faith.

[5]. There is a peace that passeth all understanding.

8:28 Gergesenes is identified as Gadarenes in (Mk. 5:1). This only sends the so-called scholars into a tail spin. They forget that the Sea of Galilee is called the Sea of Chinneroth (Josh. 12:3), the Sea of Gennesaret (most maps), and the Sea of Tiberias (Jn. 6:1).

Two men as opposed to Mark. where one is mentioned. Reason: style of writing.... Mark goes into detail on the case where Matthew (being a Tax Collector) list the number. Example - (Mk 10:46) tells how one beggar was healed, but (Matt. 20:30) gives the number of beggars involved.

We will allow the rest of Scripture to fill in the holes to learn something about demonology.

[1]. Demons have an affinity for wet places (vs. 32), and perhaps even more hot, wet places. (Matt. 17:15). So warm water sea ports are unusually wicked places.
[2]. Demons have an affinity for heights. (Mk. 5:5; 2 Ki. 15:4, Isa. 14:12-14).
[3]. Demons possession is marked by sadism or masochism, (Mk. 5:5; 1 Ki. 18:28).
[4]. Demons have an affinity for dead bodies, (Mk. 5:5, 13).
[5]. Demon possession is marked by excessive crying and nakedness, (Mk. 5:5; Lk. 8:27,28).
[6]. He is always religious, Mk. 5:7.
[7]. It can be attended by unusual physical strength (Mk. 5:4), and does not yield to love or persuasion vs. 29-34.

If the devil can't possess you, his next choice is a hog, (2 Pet. 2:22). Unclean spirits gravitate to unclean meat of (Lev. 11).

The entire operation is a picture of the tremendous transformation of the new birth. The believer is sitting (Lk. 10:39), clothed (Isa. 61:10), and in his right mind (2 Tim. 1:7).

Notice the people didn't get real upset until they lost 2000 head of hogs at 70 cents a pound. Jesus is living amongst us can be expensive.

The man after healing, wanted to be with Jesus (Mk. 5:18) but Jesus left him to be a witness.

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