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King James AV1611


First Corinthians

First Corinthians was taught by Dr. James Modlish
Outline provided by Randy Rogers



Intro: Chapter 16 is the final chapter in this first epistle to the Corinthians. This chapter starts out on how the saints should give to the local church, and what the money is to be used for.

16:1 “concerning the collection” - Paul gave instructions to the Galatian churches about this topic, and wants the Corinthians to follow suit. (Gal. 2:10)

This money is to be collected for the support of the ministry (1 Cor. 9:11,14), as well as for the saints (Acts 11:29; Rom. 15:25-26).

As one preacher said, “the gospel is free, it just takes money to pipe it.” How true this is in the day in which we live. Unfortunately, many of the so called evangelists are asking for money, not to help the poor and needy... but to line their own pockets. How much of the money that is collected actually goes to missions work, and to help the needy saints?

16:2 “Upon the first day...” The first day of the week is Sunday, not Saturday as the Seventh Day Adventists would have you believe. The Christians met on the “FIRST” day not the 7th (Acts 20:7).

The Corinthians met in the houses of believers, not the Synagogue (Acts 18:7-8).

“as God has prospered” - In the Old Testament the tithe was standard, but it is not mentioned in the New Testament...only as a quote from the old. (2 Cor. 9:6,7)

[1]. Give as much as you can above the tithe.
[2]. Give with a cheerful heart.

“lay by him in store” - Paul didn’t want to have to try and gather the money when he got to Corinth, so he wanted the saints to set aside some, so he could take it back to Jerusalem to give to the support of the poor saints.

16:3 Whoever the Corinthians believed was trust worthy, Paul would send them (more than one) back to Jerusalem with the gifts that the Corinthians had collected.

Paul uses the term “Liberality” to define the gifts that were given. The term liberal today means, take from the rich and give to the poor whether they want to work or not. Things sure get twisted up in this day and age.

16:4 “meet” - befitting, congruous

16:6 “winter with you” - Paul may have been desirous to stay with the Corinthians till the weather turned, then he would head out again.

16:7 “by the way” - immediately

16:9 “great door” - great opportunity to preach the gospel (Rev. 3:8)

“effectual” - powerful and active

“many adversaries” - people opposed to the gospel, both Jew and Gentile.

16:10 Timotheus was Paul son in the faith (Timothy) (2 Tim. 1:2). Timothy was still young in the Lord at this time, so Paul is tell the believers there not to despise him (vs. 11), and allow him to work with them without fear. Timothy was a true helper throughout Paul’s ministry.

16:11 Don’t hinder him, so he can come to me along with the other brethren.

16:12 “His will” - Apollos’ free will, not being forced by God, or other brethren.

16:13 “Watch” - be vigilant, keep a watchful eye out for the devil and his devices (1 Pet. 5:8)

“Stand Fast” - Firm in your convictions, firm in the Word of God, firm in the faith!

“quit you like men” - Finish the battle like men (1 Sam. 4:5-9)

16:14 “charity” - true love, highest form of love... giving.

16:15 “firstfruits” - first converts there in Achaia.

“addicted themselves” - this is a purposeful act on the part of the converts there. They had a strong desire to help the saints. This is a good addiction.

16:16 Paul tells the Corinthians to submit themselves to those that desire to help the saints and labour with them to win the lost.

16:19 The church is not a building, but a body of believers, no matter where they may reside.
Aquila and Priscilla helped get Apollos straightened out on his doctrine in (Acts 18:26). They were also Paul's helpers (Rom 16:3).

16:21 “salutation” - Paul's signature, or John Henry if you please!

16:22 “Anathema” - Greek word that was transliterated into Latin and then into English

“Maranatha” - Hebrew

Both words together mean - Cursed at his coming.

16:24 Paul gives his Love and to the Corinthians even after all the rebukes that he gave them throughout this epistle.

This book was probably written after Paul's journey to Ephesus, while he was at Philippi. Paul wrote some of the book, but dictated the rest to Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus; who wrote it down (2 Pet. 1:21)

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