Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


First Corinthians

First Corinthians was taught by Dr. James Modlish
Outline provided by Randy Rogers



11:1 It is okay to follow a man, so long as that man is doing right and following Christ.

It would be all right to sign your name on the same petition “Banning Abortion,” as a Roman Catholic priest, but it is not right to follow him where Biblical teaching is concerned, since Roman Catholic teaching is not scriptural in most cases, i.e. they don’t believe the Bible!

11:2 “keep the ordinances” - These ordinances in the New Testament are: Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. Even though there are other ordinances mentioned in the New Testament, they refer to Old Testament rules and regulations (Col. 2). You could also put (Acts 15: 28-31) in this category of ordinances.

11:3 Here we have the Hierarchy of humanity, and this is how God set it up, and some people will not like it because it relegates the woman to 2nd place status under the man.

[1]. God is first over all.
[2]. Christ is next, under God.
[3]. Man is next under Christ.
[4]. Woman is next under the man.

The modern liberated woman would complain that this is unfair, and archaic, and needs to be up dated to met the times. Once they do that, they dishonor God, and Christ. This can be seen in how the Roman Catholic church has elevated Mary to a position over the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the head of the church not Mary. Jesus Christ died to redeem cleanse us from sin that we may become his Bride, not Mary.

11:4 Since Christ is the head of the man, then he should not cover his head while praying. I would be kinda like wearing a hat while doing so. The typology would be putting something between you and God.

11:5 A woman should cover her head with a hat, unless she has long hair, since her hair is given her for a covering (vs. 15). If she does not wear a covering, it would be like having her head shaved.

11:6 A woman should be covered so as not to show shame.

11:7 Man is the image and glory of God, and the woman is the image and glory of the man. A saved man gets back the image he lost when Adam fell in (Gen. 3). Notice that Seth is said to the after Adam’s image, and not after God’s (Gen. 5:3).

Magnifying a woman above a man does great harm to what God intended. They are no longer glorifying God, but man. They are bragging on man.

11:8 Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well, Adam came first and the woman came from Adam. Adam is still the head and not the woman.

11:9 The woman was created as an “help meet” for Adam, and not the other way around. The liberated woman wants all the equality, and none of the responsibility. The old mantra, “Give us equal pay for equal work.” Most of them can’t handle half of what God designed man to do.

11:10 “power on her head” - This is a reference to being under her husband, the covering.

There are two interpretations to this thing about the angels:

[1]. A woman that has her head shaven shows rebellion against authority, and reminds angels that they rebelled against God.
[2]. It is possible for angels to have a relationship with women, just as they did in (Gen. 6), and some how the shaved head appears to attract them.

11:11 Both are “meet” for each other.

11:12 Started with Adam & Eve, then everyone born after them.

11:13 Doesn’t common sense tell you that a woman should cover her head while praying?
The reference as in (vs. 10) has to do with a veil, more than just hair and man’s authority over woman. Does it look right to you to see a woman praying uncovered?

11:14 There are some things that nature will teach you without having to look in the Bible for them. One of those things is that a man should have short hair. The woman’s hair is given for a covering (vs. 13).

Nature - Natural thing (Rom. 1:26)

(Lev. 19:27) is for Jews not Nazarites!

Jews were told to do two things contrary to nature, to set them apart from the Gentiles:

[1]. Let their hair grow long (Lev. 19:27).
[2]. Get Circumcised (Gen. 17:10).

These were done to show Israel as a separate nation from the rest of the other nations.

People will now ask the question - “How long is long?” Well, the best rule of thumb is that since a woman’s hair is for her covering it should cover the Head, Ears, & Neck. If a man has hair that long, then he has a woman’s hair.

11:15 It is a glory to a woman for her hair to be long.

11:16 Don’t get contentious about the matter… just do the right thing! You don’t need to make a doctrinal issue out of it just as some charismatic churches have.

Remember - What you are given over to marks you!

11:17 Paul doesn’t praise them about much.

11:18 Too much division among them. (See Chapter 1)

11:19 To make a lie appear as the truth, you have to mix some truth into it. New Bibles do this so as to pass off as the real thing, but they are heretical.

John mentions this same similar thing in reference to falsehood being made manifest -

They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. (1 Jn. 2:19)

“they which are approved” - Approved of God. Not a reference to Scholars which correct God’s word. (2 Cor. 2:18)

11:20 This has to do with an early church custom, which you might call a fellowship supper, which would have the Lord’s supper (or Communion) following after.

11:21 Paul sites two abuses which took place:

[1]. Some were coming to the supper and had already eaten at home, and brought nothing to the supper, which left some lacking food.
[2]. Some were coming to the supper drunken.

11:22 Paul rebukes them for their wrong doing and abuse of the supper.

11:23 Paul received this by the Lord, since he was not there physically at the time of the Last Supper. More than likely he got it directly from the Holy Spirit when he was in Arabia (Gal. 1:15-17).

11:24 Remember that Christ had no bones broken, (Jn. 19:30-37) but his body was at the time it was pierced.

This supper is for a “Memorial” - not a continual sacrifice as the Roman Catholics like to portray. Jesus said, “it is finished” when he died on the cross. No more sacrifice is needed; just the memorial. Roman Catholics like to add works where none is needed.

11:25 The Lord’s Supper takes place after the Passover. Even though Christ had not yet been crucified, he is showing the disciples that it is a memorial. “This cup is the “New Testament” in my blood.” Remember what Paul said in (Heb. 9:16-20) that the death of the testator is what brings about the “new testament.”

11:26 Roman Catholics leave out this portion so they can continue to do their sacrifices. The Lord through Paul clearly states that it is a memorial.

“Ye do show the Lord’s death till he come.”

The Lord’s body was not broken at the table, nor was his blood shed at the table. This is clearly a memorial. It is spiritual (Jn. 6:63) - but is explained in the previous chapter.

“The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?” (1 Cor. 10:16)

11:27 No one is really worthy to take the Lord’s Supper, but those who have examined themselves, they are worthy (vs. 28-31).

11:28 Examining yourself has to do with getting sin confessed and under the blood.

11:29 “damnation” - not eternal damnation, but temporary condemnation (Rom. 14:22-23;
I Tim. 5:11-12). See (vs. 30) “weak, sickly, many sleep.” This is the Lord taking people prematurely.

The Lord’s body is defined as all saints throughout the world, saved people in this age
(I Cor. 10:16-17).

11:30 This is the final result of people taking the Lord’s Supper “unworthily.” God makes them “weak,” “sickly,” and even kills some of them; “many sleep.”

11:31 Self judgment is always the easiest. This is what the Lord would rather you do. God would rather a Christian judge his own self and get right, than have to chastise him for not getting right.

11:32 When a Christian is judged it is called chastisement, and is not the same kind of judgment that a lost person gets. Christians are chastised so that we will correct our behavior, and this shows that we God’s children and that he loves us (Heb. 12:5-9).

11:33 “Tarry” - Wait till everyone is there before you start.

If you are hungry eat at home!

Do it so you aren’t under condemnation.

All this is aimed at a local church, or body of believers.

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