Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


The Kings of Israel
The Kings of Israel was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson Twenty One
(2 Kings 22:1-2; 23:25)

What does this kind of heart look like? Let’s investigate the kind of person in which this heart lives. It would be easy to say he was raised right, but he wasn't. (21:20-22) We can’t always know all the reasons that turn an individual’s heart to the Lord, but we can observe the indicators along the way!

I. The house of God was a priority to him – II Kings 22:3-6; I Tim. 3:15
The things of God have never been a priority to the insincere heart.

II. The lost and found book produces a great reaction – II Kings 22:8-11
The heart is the ground, and God’s Word is the plow and sod. It’s impossible to know exactly where the line of God’s responsibility and ours is. (Acts 16:14) One thing is certain: no one stays neutral when exposed to the Word.

III. He immediately wanted to know more – II Kings 22:12-14; Psalm 119:9-11

IV. He was willing to receive the message anyway God saw fit to deliver it – II Kings 22:15-20

A. God used a woman in a masculine society - to humble the king, and he took it (Psalm 51:10,17)
B. His pride didn't require the heavyweights to show up in person. He was willing to receive the messenger/preacher.

V. The king read the Book – II Kings 23:1,2; Psalm 119:161,162

VI. He made a covenant – II Kings 23:3
Reading the Book is all the “promise keepers” you need.

VII. He took a trip to Kidron – II Kings 23:4-6
Kidron turns out to be a prominent place in Scripture.

Asa – I Kings 15:11-13
Hezekiah – II Chron. 29:16; 30:14

Kidron represents the place where man dies to self. (Jer. 31:40) It’s the Book that will bring you to Jesus. (John 18:1,2)

VIII. He directed his attention back to the blood – II Kings 23:21,22; II Chron. 35:7-9,18

When your heart is right, you will thank God for the blood, you will sing about it, and you will despise any Bible that takes it out.

IX. He had a great desire to clean things up – II Kings 23:24, 27

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