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The Kings of Israel
The Kings of Israel was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson Twelve
Solomon Established as King
(I Kings. 1-4)

David types Christ specifically in His humiliation, exile, and rejection; but in Solomon we see the “Prince of Peace” reigning in splendor and glory over his people.

I. Solomon’s right to reign is challenged - I Kings 1

Adonijah, Solomon’s half-brother, observing the eminent death of their father, makes a move to establish himself as king. This is clear rebellion since the kingdom had been promised to Solomon. (1:17, 2:13-15)

Nathan the prophet and Bathsheba convince David to make a public declaration concerning the crowning of Solomon so that this potential rebellion may be dealt with quickly.

It seems as though there is always a type of the devil wanting to challenge God’s ordained persons of leadership.

II. Solomon exercises judgment on the evil-doers -

David’s instructions – 2:1-9

David, in his humiliation, exercises great grace in behalf of his enemies, but Solomon pictures the kingdom age where the law will be much more exacting. (Matt. 5:21-42)

Judgment of Adonijah – 2:12-25

Adonijah attempts to get Abishag (David’s last wife) to again lay some claim to the throne. His treachery is discerned by Solomon, and he is put to death.

Judgment of Abiathar and Joab – 2:26-35

Solomon honored Abiathar’s office by not killing him, but he banished him from priestly service. Joab was guilty of murdering several men and had to pay for his sin. Joab, like Adonijah, sought the protection of the “church” instead of pleading for the mercy of God.

Judgment of Shimei – 2:36-46

When Shimei ignored his “house arrest,” he was executed. Keep in mind these were all people who were enemies of King David and consequently, enemies of the Lord.

III. Solomon receives God’s wisdom – I Kings 3

Solomon marries an Egyptian princess which undoubtedly pictures Christ in the kingdom with a Gentile bride. 3:1

God appears to Solomon in a dream and asks him what He can do for him. Solomon wisely asks for wisdom which pleases God (3:10) and grants him his desire plus wealth and influence. 3:5-14

The account of the two mothers (3:16-28) is well known and documented Solomon’s wisdom to all of Israel. 3:28

IV. Solomon’s wealth – I Kings 4

His kingdom was the largest in the history of Israel (4:21) and came closer to the promise of Genesis 15:18 than any other. These were days of great peace and prosperity. (vs. 25) However, the seeds of sin and apostasy were being sown. Solomon brought horses from Egypt (10:26-29) in direct disobedience to the law. (Deut. 17:16) He also multiplied wives. (11:1 and Deut. 17:17) These sins eventually brought ruin to the kingdom.

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