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The Kings of Israel
The Kings of Israel was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson One
Request For a King
(I Sam. 8)

I. The Reasons Presented - 8:1-5

For 450 years (Acts 13:20) Israel had been led by God Himself utilizing individuals to voice His direction and will. This form of government is known as a theocracy. Israel had grown weary of this method of government, so they petitioned Samuel (the last judge) for a king. The reasons they submitted were: Samuel’s sons were perverted (vs.3). Their “prosperity gospel” resulted in their twisted judgments. (I Tim. 6:5-10) A desire to be like everyone else. (vs. 5) (I John 2:15-17)

II. The Rejection - 8:6-9

God instructs Samuel that the rejection is not one of Samuel but rather God Himself. (vs.7) In choosing a king, the nation rejected the Father; in choosing Barabbas, they rejected the Son; and when they chose their own leaders instead of the witness of the Apostles, they rejected the Holy Spirit. (Acts 7:51) This is an illustration of God’s permissive will: He granted them their request,
but warned them of the cost. See Deut. 17:14-20 for Moses’ prophesy of these events.

III. The King’s Requirements - 8:9-18

Larger government requires taxation that Samuel notes in some detail. The antichrist is said to be a raiser of taxes. (Dan 11:20) Two other men in Scripture are specifically associated with taxation, and both are types of the anti-christ: Pharaoh (II Kings 23:35) and Caesar (Luke 2:1). Since American declared in 1960 that the presidency was compared to Camelot (the residence of a king), our taxation has increased at an unprecedented rate. (I John 2:18)

IV. The Refusal - 8:19-22

In Israel’s refusal to hear Samuel’s protest, their primary motive is exposed (vs. 20): We no longer want to be a peculiar people. (Deut 14:2; Titus 2:14) We want someone other that God to take care of us; hence, the introduction of socialism. Prior to this time, this people had been independent and self-reliant with their only dependency upon God.

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