Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


The Kings of Israel
The Kings of Israel was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson Fifteen
(I Kings 12)

In I Kings 11:26-40 we are told that God had already chosen Jeroboam to be the king of the ten tribes because of Solomon’s sins (11:9-13). Sin is a great divider and destroyer. Only Judah and Benjamin were left to Rehoboam, and God did this for David’s sake. What would God be willing to do in the lives of our children and grandchildren for our sakes? The condition is set forth in 11:38!

1. Jeroboam’s compromise – 12:25-33

Jeroboam was given a great opportunity, yet he failed to live up to it because of the fear of man and a failure to trust God’s Word. (Pro. 29:25) He was afraid that the people of his kingdom would go up to Jerusalem for the annual feast and then revolt against him. So he made it convenient for them to worship in their own territory. He repeated Aaron’s sin (Ex. 32:1-6) and made calves of gold, putting one in Dan and the other in Bethel. It was a man-made religion as he organized his own priesthood, all for the convenience of the people. Of course, human depravity gravitates to this even though the power or blessings of God were not present.

II. Jeroboam’s warning – 13:1-10

The king was burning incense at the altar acting like a priest when a mysterious man of God showed up and announced the birth of a future king Josiah (13:2; II Kings 23:15-18); and also warned that the king’s man-made religion would be judged and destroyed. When the king tried to arrest the prophet, his hand was dried up and the altar broke open, just as the prophet had predicted! The king begged to be healed, and the man prayed for him. Jeroboam then tried to trap the prophet by inviting him to the palace, but the man of God refused to fall for the trick.

It is unfortunate that the man of God listened to the lies of a fellow prophet and lost his life. If there is one lesson to be learned from 13:11-34, it is this: don’t let other people determine the will of God for your life. Obey what God’s Word says to you, regardless of the cost.

III. Jeroboam is judged – 14:1-20

Abijah, Jeroboam’s son, became fatally ill, and the king was doubly concerned because there would be no son to succeed him on the throne. Jeroboam could not turn to his false gods for help, so he instead had his wife go in disguise to the prophet who first told him he would be king. The blind prophet could see more with his spiritual eyes than Jeroboam could see with his physical eyes! Ahijah exposed the disguise and sent the king a message of judgment. The message came true: the queen returned home and when she entered the house, her son died. It is too bad that Jeroboam turned away from the Lord, for he could have led the ten tribes into wonderful blessing and victory.

Instead, he set a terrible example for other kings to follow.

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