Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611

Lessons For Ladies
This Series was taught by Mrs. James Modlish

Lesson Six

How To Bring Down The House

(Proverbs 14:1)



Rarely does anyone start out with the intention of causing destruction, but if that is your intention or plan, God gives you a perfect example of how to do it! If you think this couldn't possible be you, compare your heart with the woman's in this lesson. (Judg. 16:4-22) 


A. To be fair we will discuss Samson's part in all of this. Samson wasn't "lily-white." But our objective is to study Delilah.
[1]. Samson was a Nazarite. (Num. 6:1-21)
    (a). Consecrated from birth to serve God and be separate.
    (b). Uncut hair
    (c). Not to touch a dead body
    (d). No strong drink 


[2]. Samson was a judge; in fact, he was the 13th judge which is the number of the curse or rebellion.
    (a). Chosen to deliver Jews out of Philistines' hands
    (b). Hated by Philistines (16:2)
    (c). Physically powerful - as a giant
        {1}. Killed lion hands (Judg. 14:5-6)
        {2}. Caught 300 foxes (Judg. 15:4-5)
        {3}. Killed 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass
    (d). Morally weak - as a dwarf

[3]. Chose a Philistine as a wife, a woman who didn't believe in the one true God - (14:3)
[4]. Frequented harlots - (16:1)

So, Samson had his problems, but they became much bigger when he met Delilah.

B. Delilah
[1]. A Philistine, probably (valley of Sorek)
[2]. Demonstrated the terrible energy of evil in a woman, just as Samson showed strength in a man.
[3]. Probably beautiful, lavishly dressed and very appealing to Samson.

Note: Sometimes evil comes in an attractive package. 


[4]. Outwardly lovely; inwardly ugly - (Prov. 5:4-5)

C. Four steps to bringing down a house

[1]. Let your heart become cold - (Prov. 4:23) Samson loved her, but there is no evidence she loved him or even said she did. One-sided relationships will bring down the house. A lack of love for husband, mother, father or God will bring destruction to the house. I am reminded of a teen who confided to me that she knew that her mother didn't love her was evident to that young girl.



The Bible gives explicit instructions on how to love all those mentioned above. Read it!

[2]. Let your heart become greedy
    (a). She was easily bribed for her deception - (vs. 5)
    (b). She was given 1100 pieces of silver from every lord of the Philistines. (compare with Judas' thirty pieces of silver) (Prov. 15:27).
    Is greed causing you to trouble your own house...or God's?

[3]. Let your heart become deceitful - (Prov. 12:20) Delilah tried to deceive Samson in several different ways:
    (a). Seven green withs. An interesting story is told about Sir Walter Raleigh when he was a young pupil in Edinburgh. One of the students in his class called "with" a noun and was promptly rebuked by the teacher who said, "Whoever heard of "with" being a noun?" Coming to the student's defense, Scott said, "Judges 6:8!" With is a wiggle twig.
    (b). New ropes - (vs. 11-13)
    (c). Weaving hair - (vs. 15-16)

Do you want your house full of deceitful ways, deceitful men, women or children? (Jer. 5:26-27) The only way to operate within any home is with complete honesty.

[4]. Let your heart become a nagging one - (vs. 15-16)
    (a). Delilah used Samson's love for her against him, then badgered him about it. (Prov. 21:9)

Sometimes nagging will get you what you want from your husband, your father or sometimes even God, but at what cost? God is capable of punishing us by giving us what we asked for!


(Judg. 16:24-30) The end result of Delilah's actions were the bringing down of the house of the Philistines. I have often wondered if Delilah was in the structure when Samson caused it to fall in. But we do know that Samson, for all his faults, is in God's hall of fame in the book of Hebrews. Delilah sure isn't! We all have the option to build up or tear down our respective houses.



(Prov. 14:1) We have the option to build up or tear down God's house. Watch your heart!


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