Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611

Lessons For Ladies
This Series was taught by Mrs. James Modlish

Lesson Two

How Two Housewives Won the War or Sending Women To Do A Man's Job
(Judges. 4:4-24; 5:1-31)



Jabin, the king of Canaan, had oppressed Israel for 20 years. Israel cried for deliverance, and God uses a woman!

(Judges 4:4-5)

Deborah was what we would term a "real woman."

[1]. First of all, she was a housewife before she was a military leader.
    (a). She lived between Raman and Bethel.
    (b). She was the wife of Lapidoth.

[2]. Prophetess or counselor - This arena probably gave her a vivid picture of the oppression and fear under which her people lived.
[3]. Judge - In Israel this encompassed more than just settling disputes. Judges were often considered military leaders and heroes. This does, however, indicate the depth to which Israel had sunk in that a woman was judging them. (Isa. 3:11 and 12) is illustrative of what is happening in America today. Think about it...Judge Judy has more common sense than many men in America today! Fortunately, Deborah followed God's leadership.
[4]. Deliverer of her people - Where were the men???? She believed God implicitly and inspired others to do the same.

(Judges 4:6-9)

[1]. Deborah had the courage to summon the great General Barak.

[2]. Her great ability and her faith are verified by Barak in (vs. 8).

[3]. She fulfills her role of prophetess in (vs. 9). Food for thought: Did Barak lose his opportunity to vanquish Sisera himself because he had to have a woman go to battle with him?

[4]. Then she arose - she didn't sit home and wring her hands or vacillate about what God wanted her to do...she simply got up and did it.


There are three kinds of people in the world: the wills, the wont's and the cant's. The first accomplish everything; the second oppose everything; the third fail in everything.

(Judges 4:10-13)

[1]. Heber was a Kenite whose tribe had traditionally been friendly with Israel, probably at least back to the time of Moses. Their end is foretold in (Num. 24:22) - "Nevertheless the Kenite shall be wasted..."

[2]. He broke ranks with the Kenites and was at least friendly enough with Canaan to spy for them. This will be important later.

(Judges 4:14-16)

[1]. The enemy was larger and better equipped.

[2]. Deborah had confidence in God. In fact, she sounds like a cheerleader!

[3]. God discomfits and delivers! All Sisera's men were killed!

(Judges 4:17-19)

[1]. Sisera very wrongly assumes Jael's tent is safe territory because of her husband's alliance with them. Jael doesn't share her husband's sentiments which turns out to be a BIG headache for Sisera!

(Judges 4:20-21)

[1]. Jael felt strongly enough about the cause that she violated established laws of hospitality. She also probably cut down on the number of people who stopped by her tent for a snooze!

[2]. Her action was obviously endorsed by God as she is praised by Deborah in her song in (Judg. 5:24-27).

(Judges 4:22-24)

[1]. Deborah's prophecy in (vs. 9) "...for the Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman" is fulfilled in (vs. 22).

[2]. With God's help the two housewives one the war.


[1]. Many of us are housewives....where is our war?

(a). In the nursery - it's not glamorous, but God knows you're there.

(b). In the prayer closet --- pray for your church, your pastor, each other.

(c). During the services - be supportive of the pastor while he preaches. There is a reason he is preaching a particular way since he is privy to information that you are not.

(d). In our homes and marriages


[1]. The enemy delights in disrupting your marriage, and the enemy is NOT your husband! The story is told of a coded message sent to British outposts in Africa from the War Ministry in London during World War I. It stated: "War declared! Arrest all aliens!" The reply came back: "Arrested 10 Germans, 4 French, 6 Belgians, 2 Italians, 3 Austrians, and 1 American. Please advise immediately who we are at war with!" At least we are fortunate in that we know who the enemy is.
[2]. The enemy wants your children as prisoners of war. And that battle does not end when they reach 18.

How do we fight our war?

(1 Pet. 5:8) reminds us that Satan wants to devour you. When you are devoured, you disappear! That is exactly what Satan wants you to do and will attack you from all sides to accomplish that. You need to "kill" the enemy daily.

Strong women:

[1]. Recognize the challenge. Deborah in (vs. 6) / Jael in (vs. 18)

[2]. Complete the job. Deborah arose in (vs. 9) / Jael (vs. 21)

[3]. Need no credit for the job, but give the glory to God and others. (Judg. 5:2,12,24)

Don't always hide behind your husband or others in the battle and end up a pauper in the Millennium. There is something you can do!


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