Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611

Lessons For Ladies
This Series was taught by Mrs. James Modlish

Lesson Eleven

Guilt-Free Motherhood



Life is full of mothers who are blaming themselves for the waywardness of their children. Life is full of children blaming their parents for their problems. Life is full of people who condemn those whose children have gone astray. Experience will teach you that grief strikes nearly all families. Rarely does a family escape a prodigal. If you have a prodigal, know a prodigal or are you one yourself, a study of the woman in (Matt. 15:21-28) may prove beneficial.

A. Jesus ignored this woman, than He insulted her, then He healed her daughter. Why?

Because the woman:

[1]. Acknowledged who Jesus was.

    (a). Calls Him "Lord" in (verses 22,25,27). There was no doubt in her mind who He was.

    (b). Had undoubtedly heard of Jesus' reputation and had faith He could heal her daughter.


[2]. Acknowledged another's need before her own. (vs. 22)
(a). Not complaining about the burden of caring for her daughter or the embarrassment of it. She is, however, lamenting the spiritual and physical condition of her daughter.
(b). We are reminded that those who fear the Lord will have their tears recorded in the book of remembrance. (Psa. 56:8 and Mal. 3:16)

This is a mother who had grieved greatly over her child.

[3]. Acknowledged Jesus' power. (vs. 25)
(a). Often the most urgent needs are the most simply stated.
(b). Note that she worshipped Jesus in asking Him to help her.

[4]. Acknowledged her station in life. (vs. 26-27)
(a). She was not a Jew, but she was in a crowd of Jews and was making a request of a Jew.
(b). She was not offended by Jesus' response, but instead answered Him with wit and spirit and presence of mind. The Word of God sometimes offends; take it, learn from it and move on. Don't get angry at the Preacher!

These are four excellent steps to follow if you are dealing with a wayward child.

B. What Jesus did:

[1]. Tested the feelings of His disciples.

(a). Remember, they practiced very narrow Judaic exclusiveness.

(b). Jesus was preparing them for the inevitable; the Gentiles would one day be included in God's plan.


[2]. Tested the woman's faith.
(a). Would she be discouraged and go away? I am reminded that God answers in His own way and in His own time. Moses prayed to go to the Promised Land in (Deut. 3:25-26). He finally arrived there in (Matt. 17:3) ....2000 years later! Be patient and persistent in praying for your prodigal.
(b). How badly did this woman desire deliverance for her daughter? (Matt. 6:8)

C. What Jesus didn't do:

[1]. He did not blame the mother for the condition of the daughter.

(a). This wasn't a physical problem was a spiritual one.


[2]. He did not question the girl's upbringing.

We need to be reminded that each person is responsible and accountable for his own sin. God addresses this concept with a proverb in (Eze. 18:1-4) and puts to rest who is responsible for whose sin.

(2 Chron. 25:4) lends further confirmation of this idea of personal accountability. There is always a balance to be struck between responsibility and individual free will.

Parents: Don't be too hard on yourselves. Trust God with your child and leave it at that...just as the woman in (Matt. 15) did.


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To My Child

I gave you life...but I cannot live it for you.
I can give you directions...but I cannot always be there to lead you.
I can allow you freedom...but I cannot account for it.
I can take you to church...but I cannot make you believe.
I can teach you right from wrong...but I cannot always decide for you.
I can buy you beautiful clothes...but I cannot make you lovely inside.
I can give you love...but I cannot force it on you.
I can teach you to share...but I cannot make you unselfish.
I can advise you about friends...but I cannot choose them for you.
I can tell you the facts of life...but I cannot build your reputation.
I can tell you about drinking and drugs...but I cannot say NO for you.
I can tell you about lofty goals...but I cannot achieve them for you.
I can teach you about kindness...but I cannot force you to be gracious.
I can warn you about sin...but I cannot make your morals.
I can pray for you... but I cannot make you walk with God.
I can teach you about Jesus...but I cannot make Him your Saviour.
I can teach you to obey...but I cannot make Jesus your Lord.
I can tell you how to live...but I cannot give you eternal life.

Thanks for listening,