Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


The Book of Esther was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Lesson Two


Esther - Providential Preservation


Intro: Esther is a crisis book.

Chapter 1-5, crisis is anticipated. Chapter 6-10, crisis overruled. Primary message is:

A. Amid the shadows God stands, keeping watch upon his own.
B. He may be out of their sight; but they are never out of His sight.
C. Evil may be temporarily permitted, but is ultimately frustrated.


I. The conspiracy at work - (3:8-9)

A. There is an age old hatred for the Jew, that finds its final fulfillment in (Rev. 12:13). This universal hatred for the Jew cannot be explained in any other way except it be of Satan.

B. The same animosity is against the believer (1 Pet. 5:8; Eph. 6:11).

C. Because this is ongoing, providential preservation is critical.


II. You must allow Providence time to work out its course - (4:13-14)

A. Mordecai believed God would intervene (vs. 14).

B. Obviously God had deliverance in mind before Esther was born, so a plan was long in development - (Isa. 40:31; Rom. 8:25)

C. God may ask us to wait as He allows His providential mercy to work out - (1Pet. 3:20).


III. Events can be influenced by prayer -

A. 4:1-3; 4:16-17; 9:31; Phil. 4:6; Jas. 5:16-18; Rev. 5:8).

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