Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


The Book of Esther was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Lesson One


The book of Esther is broken down into 8 lessons, giving a basic overview of the book, which shows the rise of Esther to the throne as Queen. In this book you will see Haman's plot against God's people and his desire to destroy them. This lesson also shows some of the history of Anti-Semitism against the Jewish people. The lesson also breaks down each of the main personalities, and shows who they typify in scripture. Finally you have some Practical Observations from the book of Esther.


Outline Of Esther


Chapter One - Queen Vashti Deposed

Ezra and Nehemiah picture events in Jerusalem while Esther shows events in Persia at the same time.

A. Ahasuerus throws a shindig - (vs. 3-5)
B. Ahasuerus gets tipsy and wants to make a public spectacle of his wife - (vs. 10-12)
C. The Queen is deposed - (vs. 17-21)


Chapter Two - Esther becomes Queen

A. The search for a replacement - (vs. 2-4)

B. Introduction to Esther - (vs. 5-7)

C. Esther is taken - (vs. 8)

D. Esther is instructed to not reveal her Jewishness - (vs. 10)

E. Esther is made Queen - (vs. 16-17)

F. Mordecai foils an assignation - (vs. 21-23)


Chapter Three - Haman plots a massacre

A. Haman the Big Shot - (vs. 1-5)

B. The plot is hatched - (vs. 8-11)

C. The media goes to work - (vs. 13)


Chapter Four - Mordecai pleads for help

A. Mordecai grieves - (vs. 1)

B. Esther is alerted - (vs. 8)

C. The problem of intercession - (vs. 11)

D. Divine placement - (vs. 13-14)


Chapter Five - Esther contrives aid

A. Esther is received - (vs. 1-2)

B. The request is made - (vs. 3-4)

C. Haman's hatred overshadows his joy - (vs. 9-14)


Chapter Six - Mordecai is honored

A. Read when you can't sleep - (vs. 1-3)

B. Haman shoots himself in the foot - (vs. 4-14)


Chapter Seven - Haman is executed

A. The banquet is ready - (vs. 1-2)

B. The request - (vs. 3-4)

C. The inquiry - (vs. 5-7)

D. Haman's doom is sealed - (vs. 8-10)


Chapter Eight - The Jews are avenged

A. The order is reversed - (vs. 4-7)

B. Those who were in complicity get it - (vs. 11)

C. Mordecai gets to be the Big Shot - (vs. 15-17)


Chapter Nine - Purim is instituted

A. Sowing and Reaping - (vs. 1-3)

B. The request is completed - (vs. 13-14)

C. Purim - (vs. 25-28)


Chapter Ten - Mordecai is made Premier

  1. A.The Jew is elevated - (vs. 1-3)

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