Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


By Dr. James Modlish
(These outlines are in rough draft format)

Outline Two

Three Wrecks At The Crossroads
(John 3-5)



These three wrecks about cover all there is in life today. America is strewn with wrecked lives; it looks like a giant junk yard.

I. A religious wreck - (Jn. 3:1-13)

Nicodemus was cautious to suggest that his religion wasn't working (came by night). It wasn't something he was anxious to admit.

As a ruler of the Jews (vs.1), something comparable to a present day denominational bishop; a religious heavy weight. He had been toasted at many a banquet, and there was always a line of those seeking his favor. As a ruler he was well acquainted with the finer things of life. He lived in a fine home with servants and all the latest appointments. His children attended the finest private schools and universities. His investment portfolio was bulging and he enjoyed no shortage of recognition, applause and influence.

He addresses Jesus as Rabbi, a teacher come from God, in spite of the fact that he himself is considered to be a great teacher and he has immediate access to the best teaching minds in Israel.

He was impressed with the miracles (vs.2) because his old stayed, cold, orthodox, formal, legalistic religion had failed to produce any dramatic changes in anyone for hundreds of years.

So he came to Jesus cloaked with morality, religion, and the strictness of it, but there was no peace or joy in his heart. A lifetime of accumulating religion had failed him.

His conversation with Jesus was a rude awakening. His first birth had favored him well with intelligence, an avenue to influence and education; but Jesus looks beyond all that to demand a whole other birth. The prescription is given (vs. 16-18).

II. A moral wreck - (Jn. 4:7-19)

This woman's life had been a series of wrecks, twisted metal, broken glass and mangled upholstery for years. She was considered a less than desirable for she drew water at the 6th hour (noon) which was not the time most women went to the well.

Jesus utilizes the subject of water and thirst for two reasons. One, because it's there and necessary, but two because he already knew all about her and wanted her to understand that great immorality is a demonstration of a great thirst, never satisfied. That's why so many today keep going to the well of sin - they never find satisfaction.

It was the general opinion that real bad things happened only to bad people. (Lk. 13:1-5) The prescription - (Jn. 4:13,14)

III. A physical wreck - (Jn. 5:1-9)

His pathetic condition for 38 years. Jesus asked an interesting question in (vs.6) "Wilt thou be made whole?"

There are many who would rather be by the pool, for even though it's a life of incapacitation, it's one of little responsibility. Some would rather die in this broken down state, particularly if the physical is a picture of the spiritual.


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