Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


By Dr. James Modlish
(These outlines are in rough draft format)

Outline Thirteen

The Disciple's Vacation Goes Bust
(Mark 6)


(Mark 6:7-13) - The Commission is given.

(6:30-32) - The vacation is planned… Golf, swimming, etc..

(6:33-34) - Jesus' compassion threatens their plans! It can be upsetting when God's plans aren't the same as ours, or His schedule isn't ours.

(6:35-36) - Can we please get rid of these people now so we can finally get a vacation?

A. Jesus might keep you at a low paying job longer than you want, because He has compassion on the lost there.

B. Perhaps the old house won't sell because you haven't witnessed to everyone in the neighborhood.

(6:37-38) - Jesus is always asking the impossible "Give ye them to eat". casting out demons and healing is one thing, but how are we going to feed this crowd.

(6:39-40) - The disciples had to participate in Jesus' compassion by organizing the Sunday School picnic. - Hey, I'm hungry too!

(6:41-44) - The disciples are begrudgingly participating in a tremendous miracle. When they are done, there is a basket for each of them and 5000 were fed.

(6:45-46) - Jesus' priorities are seldom the same as ours - all they can think about is vacation and He goes to pray.

(6:47-50) - The vacation is going from bad to worse… now the weather gets lousy, "wind was contrary to them". The moving against the Holy Spirit and its not fun!

  1. This is directed at the 4th watch crowd - US!

  2. "would have passed by them", had the not cried out!

  3. sometimes it's difficult to identify Jesus.

(6:51-56) - It's possible to be amazed at the power of God, and still pack around a hard heart - because God's priorities aren't the same as ours. They still haven't got a vacation.

(8:1-9,14-21) - The law of diminishing miracles - this time 4000 were fed and only 7 baskets remained. Hard hearts hinders God's work!

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