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The Book of Daniel

Daniel was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Chapter Seven
(A Vision of The Beast - 7:1-28)



The opening words of this chapter take us back to the first year of Belshazzar's reign. This chapter must have been 62 years after Nebuchadnezzar had his dream of the "Golden Headed Image."

The scene of this vision was on the shore of the "Great Sea". This is an important statement. For In the Bible the term "Great Sea" stands for the Mediterranean Sea. To note further the "sea" In the scriptures is a type of the nations. (Rev. 17:15, Isa. 17:12,13).

All commentators agree that the beast of (Dan. 7) relate to and are associated with the Image of Dan. 2. The only difficulty that is presented is: In what order do they relate? Most line up the lion with Babylon and then go straight down in a chronological order. The problem then is which one do you leave out? For there are only 4 beast in (Dan. 7) but 5 parts to the image in (Dan. 2).

We need to keep in mind that (Dan. 7) takes place at the conclusion of the Babylonian Empire and the visions are future In consideration (Dan. 7:17). Therefore the proper order would be to align the lion with Persia and then start downward. There seems to be a double application given to each one of the beasts that would extend into the church age, notice the vision Is seen by night, which Is a picture of the church age.


1. THE LION (Persia - England) (7:4)

A lion with wings in England Is called a "griffin." It appears on England's coat of arms. (Richard the Lionhearted).

[1]. There have been only 2 decrees from kings In history for the Jews to return to Palestine once In 536 B.C. by Cyrus of Persia and In 10,18 A.D. by England (Balfour Declaration).

[2]. The lion was very Impressive and powerful, but lost Its power (wings were plucked)


II. The Bear - (Greece - Russia)

[1]. Russian alphabet in Greek. Official church In Russia is still "Greek" Orthodox

[2]. Both countries are characterized by promoting an athestic philosophy.

[3]. The three ribs would picture the crushing of three countries.


Ill. The Leopard - (Rome - United States)

If this is the case, the U.S. would be an extension of Rome. Now let me see - was it the St. Mary that discovered America?

A leopard is an integrated animal. His basic color is yellow-brown (Shem), his belly Is white (Japheth), and his spots are black (Ham).

[1]. Because the body has 4 heads It would appear to have 4 additional appendages to the main body. Two states have been added to main body (however, they are separate). - Can we look for 2 more. That would total 52 or 4 x 13? Notice the leopard has wings of a fowl (Chicken perhaps?) Korea, Vietnam, Pueblo Incident, to name a few!


IV. The Beast

This beast seems to be a combination of all the above. (Rev. 13:1,2; Hos. 13:7). This last beast will then be an integrated power, move In dominion like a bear, and speak English. The ten horns parallel the ten toes of (Dan. 2) and the horns of (Rev. 17:10-12).

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