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King James AV1611


The Book of Daniel

Daniel was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Chapter Twelve
(The Time of The Anti-Christ -12:1-13)


(VS. 1) - Michael is the angelic protector of Israel. (Dan. 10:13) That he is associated with Israel is further demonstrated in (Rev. 12:7) where Michael and his angels are at war with the dragon and his angels. The issue at stake is the woman, which is Israel.

The book is undoubtedly the same as (Ex. 32:32,33; Eze. 13:9; Lk. 10:20). Not the Church Age - (Rev 17:8; 13:8).

This time period will be worse than any time this planet has seen!!

(VS. 2) - All Daniel could see was a general resurrection, the same as Martha in (Jn. 11:24). Because of N.T. revelation we know the second comma in the verse represents a 1,000 year interval between the two resurrections which are the Rapture and the Great White Throne of Judgment. (See Rev. 20:5; 12-15)

(VS. 3) - The verse has obvious soul-winning overtones. (See Matt. 13:43 and Prov. 11:30) Soul-winning is a spiritual activity of any dispensation. John R. Rice outlines lack of soul winning the following way:

[1]. Disobedience to a major commandment - (Matt 28:19,20)

[2]. Shows lack of love for Christ - (2 Cor. 5:14)

[3]. Guilty of not following Christ - (Matt. 4:19)

[4]. Guilty of not abiding in Christ - (Jn. 15:4,5)

[5]. Dishonesty in a sacred trust - (1 Cor. 9:16)

[6]. Guilty of spiritual manslaughter - (Eze. 3)

[7]. Guilty of being a fool - (Prov. 11:30)

(VS. 4) - "The time of the end" must be the time of the end of the Gentiles, which shows clearly that more revelation will be made available to Tribulation saints from scripture that we already have, but can't make sense out of. The last half of the verse characterizes the Time of the End as one in which people run "to and fro" and "knowledge shall be increased."

International tourism is a huge business - it involves 200 million people traveling outside their own countries every year throughout the world. This mass of tourists, nearly equal to the population of the entire United States, spends $24 billion a year abroad, not including air fares.

Tourism is among the top three industries in 46 states, and is number one in Florida, Nevada, and Hawaii. It's the second leading industry in the U.S. Only grocery sales pump more money into the economy. The tourist industry employs four million Americans and grosses more than $61 billion a year. That figure is expected to rise to $127 billion by 1985, according to the National Tourism Resources Review Committee.

It is a real. able fact that Sir Issac Newton, writing on the prophecy of (Dan. 12:4) said that if they were true, it would be' necessary that a new mode of traveling should be invented, for knowledge would be so increased that man would be able to travel at the rate of fifty miles an hour.

Voltaire, true to the spirit of skepticism, said: "Now look at the mighty mind of Newton, who discovered gravitation; when he began to study the Book called the Bible, it seems in order to credit its fabulous nonsense, he believed that the knowledge of mankind will be so increased that we shall be able to travel fifty miles an hour! The poor dotard!" Today even a skeptic would have to say, "Newton was a wise philosopher; Voltaire a poor old dotard.,"

Studies have shown that the halfway point of all human knowledge is located less than ten years ago; that is man's knowledge has doubled within the past decade. Every 60 seconds, 2000 typewritten pages are added to man's knowledge and the material produced every 24 hours takes one person 5 years to read.

More than 80% of all the scientists who have ever lived are alive today. An estimated 70% of the medicines in use today were developed after World War II. Over 15,000 scientific journals are being published, many with worldwide circulations. It is possible to press a few buttons on a computer, and in half an hour, supplement an engineer's life work produced before 1955.

One recent development is a memory that can operate so fast that it can assimilate into permanent storage 5 million words per second. Since the Bible has 850,000 words, this memory is capable of assimilating the entire Bible 6 times in one second and bring it again, word by word, any passage any verse, any place, at a command, in 200-billionth of a second. No errors are allowed. Running at that rate, each unit has to pass a test in which it runs 24 hours without a single error.

(VS. 5) - This verse indicates that chapter (12) is a continuation of the vision that began in chapter (10).

(VS. 6) - The man in linen matches the one in (10:5) who is Christ (Rev. 1:13).

(VS. 7) - This all matches up with (Rev. 10). The answer to the question, "How long?" continues to be the same - 3 1/2 years. (Rev. 12:14; Dan. 7:25)

(VS. 8-13) - Even after Daniel got the answer he was still confused. His confusion is understandable because several timetables have been given:

3 1/2 years (12:7; 7:25)

1290 days (12:11)
2300 days (8:14)
1335 days (12:12)

It doesn't appear that all this will be sorted out by the Church Age saint, and awaits the Tribulation for final revelation.

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