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King James AV1611


Second Samuel

Second Samuel was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Chapter Twenty Four



Chapter 24 starts out with David's last major sin before the end of his life. Here David is moved to number Israel in peace time, which shows a lack of trust in the Lord. After the list of 37 heroes in the previous chapter, and what they did, David is still moved to number Israel.


1:1 This verse clearly shows that God can and does get angry. Many in the world hope that this is not so, but God is a balanced being, with a Love/Hate personality. God Loves righteousness, but Hates sin!

[1]. Here God uses David, because he is mad at Israel. 70,000 of Israel need killing (vs. 15), so when God moves to destroy someone, he gets him jealous or angry.

[2]. (1 Chron. 21:1) states that "Satan" moves David to number Israel. This is not a contradiction! God's agent of destruction is the devil…

    (a). Job 1:6-(11) - God's hand

    (b). Job 1:12 - God's hand here is Satan

    (c). Job 2:1,(3) "me" = God, but the devil is doing it

    (d). 1 Cor. 5:5 - deliver to Satan for the destruction of the flesh.

1:2 Joab knows that this is wrong.

1:3 David is walking by sight, for this is a sin (vs. 17). When you number the troops, you walk by sight and the flesh instead of trusting the Lord.

(Num. 1:2) - It is not wrong here, but in Peacetime you don't count the troops (Lk. 14:31-32).

1:5 West to East is the wrong direction. It is a cursed direction!

[1]. Napoleon went West to East and lost.

[2]. Hitler went West to East to attack Russia and lost.

[3]. The old saying "Go West young man, go West," is a true saying. East to West is the blessed direction. When Christ comes back he comes back East to West.

1:6 Counter Clockwise

1:9 Israel = 10 Northern tribes (1 Chron. 21:5) Total amount of men listed in Israel are 1,100,000 in (1 Chron. 21:5), but (2 Sam. 24) lists 800,000 "valiant men". One out of 18 died (70,000) in (vs. 17).

Judah = 2 Southern tribes (500,000) that "drew the sword" listed here, but (470,000) listed in (1 Chron. 21:5). Apparently there is a distinction between those that drew the sword and those that did not, or those who were valiant and those that were not.

1:10 David gets right and gets out of the mess that he is in. He confesses his sin (Psa. 51)!

1:13 Some scholars think that there is a contradiction between this verse, and the companion verse in (1 Chron. 21:12). Here is what Dr. Peter s. Ruckman says about this supposed contradiction -

Well, was it "seven years of famine" or was it "three years of famine"? Here, surely we have an out-and-out contradiction that not even the New ASV could patch up by falsifying the text (see comments under 2 Sam. 23:19).

Well, aside from the fact that Nathan could have talked to David more than once before David finally decided, and aside from the fact that the seven years was connected with "THY LAND" and the three were simply three years famine (it could have been outside the land as the famine of Genesis 41:54, remember?), is the scriptural record that four years of famine had just preceded David's dilemma. Observe how the King James Text straightens out the obscurities in the "original seminary education." In 2 Samuel 21:1 you are told that they had just had three years of famine. This is followed by at least a month more (2 Sam. 21:9, 10) and this is followed by nine and one-half months of numbering the people (2 Sam. 24:8). This explains the "seven years" perfectly, for if they were in for three more years (see I Chron.) it would make a total of seven (see 2 Sam.). Ten and one-half months (and it may have been more) certainly constitute a year for any president who ever took office. - Problem Texts by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, Pensacola Bible Press, Copyright 1980 (pages 194-195)

1:14 David has a negative view of man, and even after sinning, he would rather fall into the hands of the Lord… "for his mercies are great."

1:16 Repentance - A change of mind or attitude. Repentance is a change of mind, not action.

The Lord is the author of evil in that sense - "brought it to pass."

1:17 David has a change of mind about himself - "Lo, I have sinned, and done wickedly." David does care for his people, and intreats the Lord on their behalf.

1:18 Araunah the Jebusite - A Jebusite remaining in Jerusalem after David conquered it and made it the Capital.

1:21 Without bloodshed - judgment

1:22 Araunah wants to give it to David.

1:23 Araunah is acting like a king. A king giving gifts, acting like David's equal.

1:24 David humbles himself. He won't give to God unless it costs him something.


Jump to (1 Chron. 22) for continuation - Need history of David's kingdom!


22:1 Ornan is the same Araunah of (2 Sam. 24)

(21:28) shows what happened when David setup the altar. The Lord answers David by fire (21:26)! He answers Elijah by lightening.

The Anti-Christ uses same process in the tribulation (Rev. 13:12) Strong Delusion - (2 Thess. 2:11).

22:2 Jebusites, Hittites etc. prepare the temple before Solomon.

22:3 Iron - No iron in the Tabernacle, or Ark. (Dan. 2 - bad).

Christ rules with a rod of iron.

22:5 Magnifical - to grow, become great or important, promote, make powerful, praise, magnificent!

"Prepare abundantly before death" = Preach, witness, etc. This has a practical application to Christians today. We should be doing all we can to win the lost, and live clean before the Lord.

22:8 God commanded it. God wanted a man of peace to build his house, David was a man of war.

22:9 Solomon is a type of Christ (Psa. 110). Solomon means = peaceable (Gen. 49 Shiloah = peaceful one).

22:10 Type of Christ (Lk. 1:30,32-33). Jesus - David's son is like Solomon.

David never lost a battle. Joshua only lost one. (Lk. 1 - fulfilled).

22:11 This is a great charge for any son.

Reasons for building a Bible Believing church:

    [1]. To remind people that death doesn't end it.
    [2]. To keep the community stirred up.
    [3]. To expose sin.
    [4]. To show people that there is a greater fellowship than just people with people.
    [5]. To show that individualism is important.

22:12 Wisdom - how to use what he knows.

Understanding - The relation between what he knows and uses and God.

22:13 You will prosper if you have the above things. Joshua (1:9) same commission.

Courage is Fear that has said its prayers!

22:14 David was preparing to serve God while backsliding, while fighting - "in my troubles". He stored things up!

22:15 David got workers for the Lord!!

Cunning = talented in O.T. but N.T. uses the term - crafty.

22:16 Good scripture! No number for the amount of gold, silver, brass, and iron given. Christians should not hold back when giving to the work of the Lord.

"Arise therefore, and be doing." - Get up and do something!!!

22:18 (Matt. 28:19) great commission.

22:19 This is good advice for a Christian. If you love God as you should, then the love for others will take place so you can help others.


Jesus first
Others next
You last

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