Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


Marks of Maturity
The Marks of Maturity Series was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson Six

Controlling The Tongue

Introduction: "Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles." (Proverbs 21:23) We often times hear a child say foolish things that we simply cast off because we recognize the immaturity of the child. But how often do adults fail to control their tongues) At any age lack of control is a sign of a character weakness and immaturity. There are several areas where our tongue can get us into trouble.

A. Cursing and Swearing - This sin is embraced by people of all ages, but seems to be a particular problem to young people (Prov. 30:11-14). According to Old Testament law cursing ones parents was considered a crime worthy of death (Ex, 21:7). Swearing was considered to be a source of pollution of the land in (Jer 23:10)

Cursing is a sign of:

    [1]. Identification with the world - (I Sam. 17:43)
    [2]. Backslidden condition - (Mark 14:71)
    [3]. An unsaved person - (Romans 3:10-14)
    [4]. Lack of self-discipline - (James 3:5-10)

B. Lying (Prov. 12:17-22) - God hates a lying tongue - (Prov. 6:16,17) Sometimes a lie is only a covering for another sin - (Prov. 10:18); (Ananias - Acts 5)

Liars enjoy listening to one another (Prov. 17:4) [the heart controls the ear as well as the lips]

Liars will be punished - Prov. 19:5,9

They will "eat their own words" - Prov. 20:17

C. Talebearing (Prov. 18:8) - Moses warned the people about talebearing in Lev. 19:16.

Somethings ought to be concealed whether they be true or false (Prov. 11:13).

Love covers all sins (Prov. 10:1; 17:9).

When we love others we seek to help them privately (I Peter 4:8).

How many have been hurt? (Prov. 25:18; 26:20)

D. Talking too much (Prov. 12:13; 18:6-7) - A fool talks too much and gets himself into trouble (Prov. 10:19; 13:3).

A man of few words is one of knowledge (Prov. 17:27-28).

E. Talking too soon (Prov. 18:13; James 1:19) - How many times have you talked to people who were always thinking of what to say next - instead of listening? (Prov. 10:19; 15:28) Potiphar did not listen to Joseph's side of the story.

God wants us to search things out Prov. 25:2

When the tongue is used for the right purpose it:

[1]. Brings men to peace - (Prov. 15:1)
[2]. Gives wise reproof to the erring - (Prov. 25:12; 28:23)
[3]. Delivers lost souls - (Prov. 11:9; 14: 3,25)
[4]. Teaches people the things of the Lord - (Prov. 15:7; 16:21,23)
[5]. Carries the Gospel - (Prov. 25:25)


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