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Great Doctrines of The Bible by Dr. James Modlish

Is There Really a Hell?

(Rev. 20:15)


Intro: This interesting newspaper article appeared April 25, 1978.

A REAL HELL exists, complete with a lake of burning fire and brimstone, according to a leading heart specialist. Dr. Maurice Rawlings told The Star this week that a number of clinically dead patients he had revived told him of experiencing a terrifying plunge into a flame-swept tunnel, and being confronted by suffering, tormented humans. Others told him of a heavenly experience, in which they were greeted by their parents in a bright light. "I used to think religion was all a bunch of hocus-pocus, but these patients have convinced me that there is both a Heaven and a Hell," Dr. Rawlings said.

Dr. Rawlings, 59 of Chattanooga, Tenn., is a fellow in the American College of Cardiology and a specialist in cardiovascular diseases. He said he has resuscitated dozens of patients who have experienced clinical death, and reported that about half of them reported visions of a Biblical Hell, while the rest said they experienced an ascent to Heaven. Dr. Rawlings described one harrowing episode after a patient collapsed in his office.

"His heart stopped, and I immediately began resuscitation. It took me maybe thirty seconds to bring him around, and during that time he was clinically dead." "When he came to, he started screaming at me: 'Please get me out of Hell!' Once I felt he was out of immediate danger, I asked him to describe what he had seen.

"He said he had a spinning sensation downward, like he was moving through a dark tunnel. At the end of the tunnel he saw terrible grotesque creatures, a burning lake and a crowded cave full of suffering people." Dr. Rawlings said other patients he had revived reported similar experiences. "That's one thing which struck me as too much of a coincidence," he said."The patients who described hell all said just about the same thing with only a few variations. Other patients reported heavenly experiences. "They would describe moving up a mountain path or through a green meadow toward a beautiful light," he said.

The subject of Hell is not pleasant, or popular; Heaven is a much more pleasant subject. But Heaven is only half of eternity, there is a Hell.


I. There Is A Hell:

[1]. The Bible teaches it. The Bible is our sole authority (Ps. 9:17; Dan. 12:2; Matt. 25:46; Rev. 20:15) are just a few verses that teach there is a Hell.

[2]. Jesus taught there is a Hell. In (Luke 16) Jesus describes it as a literal place. In (Mark 9:43-48) Jesus gave physical characteristics of hell.

[3]. Human logic even tells us there is a Hell. Human laws demands that justice be met upon wrongdoers, and punishment is given out accordingly; therefore, men men who have broken and sinned against God's holy law can expect punishment. "God is too good to send men to Hell" is often heard.

God is good, and God LOVES all men; but his love does not cover a sinner from His justice (Jn. 3:16-18, 36).

God gives the sinner every chance - loves them, sent His Son to atone, and constantly pleads with sinners to repent (Rom. 5:8).

If a man is damned eternally to Hell, it is NOT GOD'S FAULT!


II. Where is Hell?

All of the geographical descriptions of Hell are given in a downward direction:

Down - (Isa. 14:15; Ps. 55:15; Eze. 32:27)

A place to dig to - (Amos 9:2)

Deep - (Job 11:8)

Low - (Ps. 86:13)

Beneath - (Prov. 15:24)

Nether (lowest) - (Eze. 31:16,17)

The heart of the earth - (Matt. 12:40; Eph. 4:9; Ps. 16:10; Acts 2:25-31; Isa. 53:10-12)

III. The Inhabitants of Hell:

[1]. Lost souls - (Lk. 16:19-31)

[2]. Demonic creatures - (Rev. 9:1-3, 7:-10; Isa. 34:13,14)

[3]. Flesh eating birds - (Isa. 34:11,14,15)

[4]. Worms - (Isa. 66:24; Mk. 9:45-48)

A recent article by the Associated Press states:

Strange marine creatures have been discovered living in dark deep-sea waters heated by volcanic vents in the Gulf of California, according to a joint U.S. - Mexican expedition.

Peter Lonsdale, Scripps Institution of Oceanography geologist who heads the scientific team, returned Monday from the expedition in the Guaymas Basin about 600 miles southeast of San Diego. Two similar finds have been made in the open sea. This was the first in the semi-enclosed basin.

the discoveries of red snake-like worms that live in long, white tubes in the mile deep water raise a question about the necessity of sunlight to support life, Lonsdale said. The worms were found near undersea geysers and 60-foot high sulfide cones that warm the water. Scientist took pictures of the worms and other creatures similar to those found in 1976 in two sea floor vents off Ecuador and Mexico, Lonsdale said.

All three geysers are located along "spreading center" cracks in the earth's crust. these centers are where lava is pushing up to the ocean floor as giant plates of the earth's crust pull apart, Lonsdale said.

IV. Hell Is A Place Of Consciousness:

Hell is not a place for souls to just exist as if asleep or unconscious; it is real, literal, and conscious.

Notice that Jesus taught that the rich man:

[1]. Could see - lifted up his eyes

[2]. Could speak - cried out to Abraham

[3]. Could hear - expected an answer from Abraham

[4]. Could feel - sought water for his lips

[5]. Certainly, then could smell (if all other senses were present)

[6]. Could reason - sought compassion for his five brothers because he found out that hell is a losing proposition, and to live "without God" for the pleasures of this world, its riches and gains alone is wrong (but it is too late).

[7]. And he could REMEMBER - the memory will be there for eternity.

To remember all the past-over opportunities will add to the suffering.

Memory of a misspent life added to his suffering.

V. Hell Is A Place Of Suffering:

It is described as a place of:

Everlasting Punishment - (Matt. 25:46)

Everlasting Fire - (Matt. 25:41)

Everlasting Burnings - (Isa. 33:14)

A Furnace of Fire - (Matt. 13:42,50)

A Lake of Fire - (Rev. 20:15)

Fire and Brimstone - (Rev. 14:10)

Unquenchable Fire - (Matt. 3:12)

Devouring Fire - (Isa. 33:14)


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