Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


The Acts of The Apostles

Acts was taught by Dr. James Modlish


Chapter Twenty Four

Vs. 1-9

Ananias and the elders take five days to get their act together. They hire a professional orator to seal the lid shut on Paul named Tertullus.

Vs. 2

Tertullus praises the Roman government in spite of the military occupation of the Jewish homeland by Rome.

"By thy providence" - What happened to the providence of God?

Vs. 3

With all thankfulness?

Vs. 5

Paul is a pest! Is that any accusation to bring unto a Roman governor?...a mover of sedition... a ringleader of the sect ...profane the temple... What would a Roman pagan governor care about any of these foolish charges?

Every effort is made-to paint Paul as a political enemy of Rome. What orator could ever say anything in but a few words?

Vs. 6

According to our law (Acts 23:3) they had no business smiting Paul' in the face and had already passed sentence before the trial. Tertullus is a paid liar.

Vs. 10-21

Paul says, "Now that you mention it, I just came from the JEWISH temple at Jerusalem (vs. 11) twelve days ago where I worshipped according to the law...and they can't prove a thing they're saying." (vs. 13) Paul then (vs. 14-21) shows everyone what a "good Jewish boy" believes in and paints himself as an exemplary character doctrinally (vs. 18) (Acts 21:27).

All the Jews (orthodox) believe in the Resurrection; (Mk. 9:9,10; Isa. 26:17-21; Eze. 37:11-20)

Vs. 20

Having eliminated the charges of (Acts 21:28 and 24:6), he now eliminates the Charges of (Acts 24:5). "Except it be for this one voice..." (vs. 21), which entirely overlooks their reason for slapping him in the first place (Acts 23:2), for Paul knew they wouldn't dare bring this up! After all, what did a Roman governor care about A Jew reviling his own High Priest?

Vs. 22-27

Felix puts the Jews off so that Lysias can come and fill him in on the details. Paul is in protective custody and his friends are allowed to visit him and bring things to him. Lysias doesn't show up and after certain days, Felix invites Paul to come up and preach to him and his Jewess wife, Drusilla. Felix's motive was to get some money (1 Tim. 6:10) out of Paul so that he might expedite Paul's release (bribery, pay off the judge, etc.).

Paul's preaching includes: (Acts 20:21, 26:20)

[1]. Righteousness (Rom. 3:10-23; 10:1-4)

[2]. Temperance (1 Tim. 6:8)

[3]. Judgment to come (Acts 17:31; Rom. 2:16; Ecc. 12:14; Rev. 20:14,15; Dan. 7:10, Isa. 64:6)

After the word is preached... Felix trembled, he then says, "don't call me, I'll call you! Felix had three things that were more important to him than getting saved:

[1]. Domestic tranquility (vs. 24)

[2]. Money (vs. 26)

[3]. Political gain (vs. 27)

The same convenience of (vs. 25) damned Herod's soul (Mk. 6:21; 2 Cor. 6:2).

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