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What God Says About:

Abortion Vs. Pro-Life©

by Glen A. Stocker


Chapter Four - Conclusion


We have seen Biblically that, abortion is murder. The verse used by many in Exodus 21:22 is even more significant. If you look at the Hebrew word, yeled, that is the root word and ALWAYS means a birth, or of a young child which is alive not of a miscarriage. This is interesting because of the garbage being spewed out about the Greek and the Hebrew being, superior to the English. Such terms as 'pneuma' and 'ruach' are not to be considered when speaking intelligent Bible from these words and their similarities is really futile indeed. Wind and air are not the same as spirit. How do I know? Easy, one is spelled a-i-r and the other is s-p-i-r-i-t, things that ate different are not the same. The argument from 'air' is just that, out of thin air. In every case where life is associated with air, the Bible is speaking of a grown man or animal.

We have also seen where life is not always given for life in Exodus 21 and the other verses make it abundantly clear, that the unborn "child," as the Bible calls him, is completely alive.

We have seen from science and biology that the unborn baby is completely alive. Curtis Young states,

"Through the 1960's, the American Medical Association's strong opposition to abortion was transformed into equally strong support for the procedure." [1]

It kind of reminds me of Dr. Jerry Falwell's strong militant stand on racial segregation and staying out of politics in his early years and his about face on these issues, not because of the changing of the Bible but due to popular feelings! Many who now favor abortions are not in favor because of Biblical facts or because of biological facts but rather because of situation, ethics. "What if it happened to your daughter??" Biology, as we have seen over and over substantiates the facts that, life begins at conception. There are no other alternatives.

Morally we have seen the positions of so many who are not interested in whether the baby is alive or not. And most will even admit this. Their interest is in themselves. Betty, Friedman of NOW (National Organization for Women) states,

"Women are not equal to men. unless they are rid of child bearing, responsibilities." [2]

Along with this nut is another psychiatrist R. F. Gardner who says,

"Among the rights of the unborn child must be included the right of being well born." [3]

What a loony!! The unborn have RIGHTS??? To be killed is their RIGHT??!!

Wish he had that right! applied to him, don't you? These are examples of the kind of mentality we are dealing with.

The center for Disease Control reports,

"Since 1969 there were 22,670, in 1980 - 1,297,606, according to the Center for Disease Control ... the recent figures are probably low due to under reporting. [4]

"For every 1,000 babies born 350 are aborted." [5]

That is about 1/3 of them! Among unmarried women in the US abortions now exceed live births by a ratio of 3:2.

Here is a breakdown in, percentages of abortions on different groups:

White: 66.2
Married: 21.7
Under 25: 63.8

Black and others: 28.5
Unmarried: 72.4
25 or older: 34.7

Previous abortions: 30.9
No previous abortion: 64.4 [6]

Now just look at those statistics, they show you something. They show that the one most likely to have an abortion is a white girl under 25 and single. Talk about genocide! The present life-styles for these young girls is put out on TV over and over again to be thin, sexy, and by all means NOT PREGNANT. They have been taught that whatever makes YOU happy is right. Regardless of the consequences. They have become. irrational, since science and the Bible show definitely that abortion is murder, they will go ahead with it, anyway, just to fulfill their hedonistic desires. And since "we came from animals anyway," what difference does it make?

The actions of these young girls and women is only outdone in barbarism by the filthy greed of so called Doctors. They will kill for money. And not only kill, but torture while they are at it. Dr. Warren Hern and Bille Corrigan operate the busiest abortion practice in the Rocky Mt. states, the Boulder Abortion Clinic. They state themselves,

We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator... The sensations Of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an, electric current. It is the crucible of a raging controversy. [7]

The depravity and sadism of these "humans" is seen again in an account given by Mr. Young of a "Doctor" who was present at, the abortion of a baby boy, "the boy was admittedly alive by the doctor but taken to another operating room and dissected." [8]


One operation and experiment involved hooking up aborted infants to artificial lacentas. Eight fetus' obtained by Caesarean section were placed in saline solution, tubes were inserted in the umbilical arteries. When the pumping in of oxygenated blood was terminated, the gasping increased, the heart slowed and eventually stopped. [9]

These multiple murders won these "Doctors" the Foundation Prize Award from the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. They would be hung if they did that to a baby seal!!

In a movie-video called The Silent Scream which I have personally viewed, the baby tries to avoid forceps, little by little he is cut to pieces-head crushed extracted and reassembled on the outside to make sure they got all of the baby out. Commenting on the movie, Jim Edwards states,

The film clearly depicts a frightened, tiny, human being struggling to escape the abortionist's tools. [10]

Dr. Bernard Nathanson was narrator for the film, he was the founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League and had performed over 60,000 abortions himself.

Dr. Nathanson owes his conversion in part to the wonders of ultrasound, which enables physicians to witness with the naked eye the death agonies of the infants whose lives were being ended by the healer's tool: The killer of the infant whose deaths described in the opening of this column served his internship under Dr. Nathanson's guidance, and the two physicians went on to become firm friends and, colleagues. After Dr. Nathanson's conversion, his colleague continued to perform abortions, until witnessing the ultrasound film. One viewing of the footage was enough. Like the ultrasound technician, the doctor who had performed the abortion became so nauseated by what he had witnessed on the screen that he was forced to turn away in order to compose himself. He has never performed another abortion. [11]

This was not some distraught woman who was nauseated - it was a seasoned surgeon who had performed thousands of abortions he knew what he just did - and quit!!

And here we will finish the matter of this paper. It is not a complete treatment of the subject, by any means. It is enough, though, to give to the one who is seeking, not an easy way out, but the truth concerning many of the arguments pro and con concerning the issue of abortion. We have dealt with facts not just "situation" ethics. I hope the reader will take these to heart and give these facts and arguments a fair hearing. We sometimes are not sensitive to things that do not directly affect us. This is a plea to all who read, STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON EVERY YEAR, ONE AND A HALF MILLION INNOCENT CHILDREN HAVE BEEN TORTURED, BUTCHERED AND THROWN IN THE GARBAGE THIS YEAR. IS IT NOTHING TO YOU? IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?

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