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What God Says About:

Abortion Vs. Pro-Life©

by Glen A. Stocker


In the 2004 Presidential and Congressional races, there was one thing that was very clear from the outcome. At least half of the country voted on the side of the "Pro-Abortion Lobby", while the other half voted "Pro-Life". After this election, the "Pro-Abortion Lobbyist" set out to do all they could to stop former Senator John Ashcroft from becoming the next Attorney General of the United States. At first, they sited his vote on an issue concerning judge Ron White, who was soft on Capital Punishment, and kept him from being given a life long spot on the Federal Bench. The Lobbyist used "Racism" as a buzz word to try and demean John Ashcroft's character and paint him as a "Racist". After countless colleagues, friend, and foe testified, the title of "Racist" would not stick, so they had to come up with another issue that would make him look bad in the public eye… the abolishment of "Roe V. Wade".

"Roe V. Wade" is the current law of the land where it is okay to kill your babies, with no recourse from the law. In all cases but one, murder is a crime and punishable by either life in prison, or death. Only through "Roe V. Wade" do you get to commit murder and not have a sentence of Life Imprisonment, or Capital Punishment meted out.

To the "Pro-Abortion Lobbyist", protecting "A Woman's Right To Choose" is more important than the stain of sin on a nation, that comes from abortion. To the "Pro-Abortion Lobbyist" killing, and having the right to kill your baby, has become more important than anything else in life. Since "Roe V. Wade" has become the law of the land, the new buzz phrase among Democrats as well as some liberal Republicans has become… "A Woman's Right To Choose".

During the 2000 election, this phrase was used hundreds perhaps thousands of times. Pro-Life Americans were painted in a way as to make them look like nut cases. They were called the "Extreme Right-wing", "The Pat Robertson-wing of the Republican party", "The Jerry Falwell Crowd", etc. etc.. On the other hand the "Pro-Abortion Lobby" were given high praises by the news media for there stance on "A Woman's Right To Choose". This is par for the course, don't you know. (Webmaster comments) 

I would like to present an outstanding work written by Pastor Glen Stocker from Amarillo Texas. The title to this book is What God Says About: Abortion Vs. Pro-Life. In this book Pastor Glen shows from the scripture that abortion is murder, no matter what you or anybody else thinks about it. This book is about 4 chapters long, with the Bibliography at the end.

This book breaks down as follows:

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