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The Names of Christ
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Lesson Ten

The Lily of The Valley
(Song Solomon 2:1-3)

Introduction: The Lily of the Valley is found practically world wide in temperate and tropical regions. The flowers are very fragrant, white, bell shaped on slender stems about 9 inches tall. The stem rises between two shiny leaves. With the white fragrant flowers in the center the plant reminds us of the Trinity. Jesus Christ is the focal point of attention (Phil. 2:5-11). Not only are these plants perfectly hardy, but they thrive in spots where most things balk, even in dense shade under trees. (Matt. 28:20) According to Encyclopedia International, 1979, they do very well along the north side of a wall (Lev. 1:11), The Lily flowers in May (Solomon's Song 2:8-13) and the blossoms produce scarlet berries. (Isa. 1:18).

However, there are several other things that need to be noted about this incredible flower:

I. THE ROOT SYSTEM (Rev. 22:16)

The Lily of the Valley has a creeping root system from which the flower actually springs forth at close intervals. Because of the persistent root the plant persists with great tenacity.

When the icy blast of winter (persecution) comes the top part of the plant withers away but the root thrives underground! The religion of Jesus often does best in the face of persecution.

Christians in modern day Chad, Africa, were being persecuted for refusing to participate in old tribal initiation rites they say are pagan. Reliable sources reported the torture deaths of pastors, evangelists, and other church leaders who declined to commit acts counter to their faith: drinking chicken blood offered to idols, handling fetishes, and the like. The accounts told of persons buried alive with just part of a leg left above ground or - for slower death - with only the head exposed, a terrifying warning to others who resist.

The persecution originated when President Francois N'garta Tombalbaye launched a cultural revolution assertedly to rid the nation and its four million inhabitants of unwanted foreign influences and to establish an identity with the country's past. But church leaders reportedly met and agreed to oppose the rites, and some church groups say they would not readmit members who take part. The evangelical churches in Chad number more than 1,500 congregations with tens of thousands of members.


According to students Encyclopedia 1977 "All parts of the plant contain a chemical substance called convallatoxin, which is similar to the drug digitalis and may be used as a heart stimulant."

Nothing has the ability to stimulate and change the heart like the Lord Jesus Christ.

He has the ability to: 

A. Prick men's hearts - (Acts 2:37; 7:54)
B. Dwell in your heart - (Eph. 3:17)
C. Bring joy to the heart - (Jn. 16:22)
D. Comfort your hearts - (Eph. 6:22)
E. Keep your hearts - (Phil. 4:7)

III. THE FRAGRANCE (Solomon's Song 5:13)

Because of its fragrance the Lily of the Valley is used in the manufacture of perfume. A highly esteemed perfume, eau d'or, is made in France from the flowers. The ancients were fond of sweet perfumes of all kinds (Prov. 27:9; Ps. 45:8)

The Old Testament tabernacle contained an altar of incense (Ex. 30:1-10; 30:34-38) that stood before the veil. A special incense that was to be mixed for God alone (Ex. 30:37) finds a very significant New Testament application in (Eph. 5:2 and Phil. 4:18).

The idea is that God delights in appropriate sacrifices.


According to Concise Encyclopedia of Favorite Wild Flowers, 1965, there is a flower that imitates the Lily of the Valley but under close examination fails the test.

Jesus told us there would be a variety of false Christs (Matt. 24:24) who would attempt to deceive.

One afternoon in 1965, Daniel Waswa, a citizen of Kenya, struggled up a hill and was crucified by his wife at his own direction. As he hung on the cross, he told the gathered crowd. "I am dying for the sins of all Kenyans."

After nailing her husband to the cross, the woman collapsed on the ground and died, apparently from shock.

Waswa's neighbors knew this was no spur-of-the moment act. He had talked about it for a year and had told them he had been called by God for this purpose.

They begged him to let them take him down. He refused all requests. Finally he was taken down still alive, but he soon died from the nail wounds which had become infected.

Superstitious people now make pilgrimage to the spot where Daniel Waswa died and pray for him to forgive their sins.

Hitler was the most evident type of Antichrist in the twentieth century. He coerced, forced, and misled millions to accept him as God's messiah. Helmut Thielicke wrote of Hitler: "He made free use of the Christian vocabulary, talked about the blessing of the Almighty ... he showed his tattered Bible and declared he drew the strength for his great work from the Word of God ... he caused many religious people to welcome him as a man sent from God."


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