Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim. 2:15

King James AV1611


Second Thessalonians
Second Thessalonians was taught by Dr. James Modlish

Lesson Three (continued)


The first part of the chapter is a discussion of the person of the anti-christ. The last part details reasons for, the result of, and the reward of those who follow the anti-christ and his anti-God philosophy. The last days will be characterized by more than any one thing, the massive rejection of the truth and light.


I. The Reason For The Rejection

A. Pleasure in unrighteousness (vs. 12)

Jesus defined the truth as the Word (John 17:17). It ought to be obvious that the Word is offensive to those who want to remain living in their unrighteousness. Imagine a homosexual enjoying (Rom. I & Gen. 19 or an adulterer appreciating Prov. 5-7).

There are several examples of rejection of truth:

[1]. Pilate - Jn. 18:31,38
[2]. Festus - Acts 26:21-25
[3]. Agrippa - Acts 26:27,28
[4]. Ahab - I Kings 21:17-20

II. The Result of Rejection

A. Strong delusion (vs. 11) -

Its interesting that this delusion is sent by God. This is a little strong for those who never consider the righteous, holy side of God. (Eze. 14:3-9) indicates that the condition of a mans heart (vs 3) as it responds to, or rejects the truth dictates God's reaction (Prov. 1:23-31).

B. The vehicle of delusion -
All power and signs and lying wonders(vs. 9). The anti-christ will be a miracle worker which will serve as a tool to deceive many. Perhaps the greatest miracle will be his own resurrection (Rev. 13:3,14-15). Most people are very impressed with signs (Matt. 12:38). Therefore the charismatic crowd of today is impressed with the imitation of the true signs that will be in operation during the Tribulation. (Mark 16:17-18; Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:6-21) In spite of the fact that Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for sign seeking (Matt. 12:39) people do and will seek them.

Keep in mind God sends the delusion; that is - if you want to be deceived bad enough, God will accommodate you.

III. The Reward of Rejection

A. "That they all might be damned" (vs. 12)

Not only is damnation the reward of the anti-christ (Rev. 20:9-10), but it is also the destiny of everyone who rejects Gods truth. (Rev. 20:11-15).

B. Walk in blindness and uncertainty
(Eph. 4:17,18 - Rom. 10:1-3)

IV. To Receive Is To Respond (vs. 13-15)

A. Our belief is the basis of Gods choosing (vs. 13)

B. Our belief is the basis of God's blessing (Heb. 3: 17-19)


A huge crowd was watching the famous tightrope walker, Blondin, cross Niagara Falls one day in 1860. He crossed it numerous times - a 1,000 foot trip. 160 feet above the raging waters. He asked the crowd if they believed he could take one person across. All assented. Then he approached one man and asked him to get on his back and go with him. The man refused! Mental assent or even verbal assent is not real belief. 


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