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King James AV1611


The Book of Ruth

This series was taught by Dr. James Modlish

 Chapter Four


I. The Gate - (Vs. 1-2)

The gate in the Bible was a place of decision making for the tribes and cities of Israel. (Gen. 23:10-19; Ex. 32:26) It was also a place where decisions were made concerning punishment for violations of the law and other things such as family matters. (Deut. 21:19; 22:15,24)

Often the judges ruled from the gate. (1 Sam. 4:18; 21:13)

The gate also indicated a man's position in the notation of the kings gate. (Dan. 2:49; 1 Chron. 9:18)

II. The Meeting - (Vs. 3-6)

Boaz informs the elders and the nearer kinsman that Naomi wants to set( a parcel of land. It is clear by the quick reply of this nearer kinsman that he wants the property of Naomi. In ancient Israel families were not allowed to sell or give land outside their own family and tribe. (Num. 27:8-11; 36:7-11)

The entire issue is amplified in the story of Naboth's vineyard. (1 Kings 21:1-4)

Once the kinsman agrees to buy the land Boaz informs him of the "monkey wrench" in the deal… there is another woman involved besides Naomi… Ruth, the Moabitess, must also be redeemed so that children could be raised up to the name of Mahlon. He immediately backs out. Perhaps he didn't think much of Elimelech's family or he didn't want a woman of Moab producing some "half-bred" kids marring his reputation. Or just perhaps he knew the "little woman" at home wouldn't put up with it. (Gen. 16:3-6)

The great Bible truth exposed here is that Jesus Christ literally became marred for us! (Psa. 129:3; Isa. 50:6; 52:14)

III. The Act of Redemption - (Vs. 7-12)

Perhaps the two most profound words in these verses are "bought and purchased."

A. Bought:

[1]. as in a living organism that the Lord went fishing for - (Matt. 13:45,46)
[2]. bought with a price - (1 Cor. 6:20)
[3]. even paid the price for the deniers - (2 Pet. 2:1)

B. Purchased:

Even though these two words may be somewhat synonymous, purchased seems to go further.

[1]. purchased has the meaning "to obtain at a cost, as of suffering or sacrifice." (Acts 20:28)

[2]. the purchase was made with something precious - (1 Pet. 1:18-19)

Perhaps the primary difference between Boaz and the other kinsman is that Boaz loved Ruth and appears interested in what would benefit her and her family, not that which would hurt his reputation in the community. (Eph. 2:1-7)

IV. From bitterness to blessing - (Vs. 13-15)

A. Because of Boaz's willingness to honor God's Word - the Lord awards him with the highest dignity by allowing him to be in the genealogy of the Messiah.

B. The man who refuses - the opportunity of redemption sinks into oblivion never to be heard from again.

C. Ruth was barren until she married Boaz - The type is clear… there is no fruitfulness until redemption takes place in the individual's life. (Jn. 15:1-5)

D. Even though there is no Wood relationship - Naomi is awarded the position of grandmother, and it is declared that this will restore her life.

V. Significance of a name - (Vs. 16-17)

A. The neighbors name the child - which is unusual in Scripture, but Obed's name means "servant." He will serve his grandmother and his God. He is the father of Jesse and the grandfather of David.

B. In the Word of God - three births occur in Bethlehem: Rachel's son, Benjamin whose name means "son of my right hand;" Obed, born to Ruth; and Jesus Christ.

VI. The Genealogy - (Vs. 18-22)

A. The genealogy begins with a man named Pharez - the illegitimate son of Tamar. (Gen. 38)

B. According to (Deut. 23:2) - an illegitimate son was banned from the congregation of Israel for ten generations. The genealogy begins with an illegitimate son and ten names later closes with King David.


We who were illegitimate and had no right to the family of God have been made kings and priests of God through Jesus Christ.

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