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Mystery of The Ages
Mystery of The Ages© -is a book written by Dr. James Modlish
-reprinted here with the author's permission-


INTRODUCTION: If ever the human race had an opportunity to work out the theory of "Human Government" it was right after the flood. Noah was an old man over 600 years of age, full of wisdom and experience, and his family, all of whom had reached manhood and womanhood, for the youngest, Shem was 98 years old, were qualified for self- government. Behind them was the flood with all its warnings, and in addition the accumulated knowledge from Adam down to their day. They also had the advantage of a new covenant, called the "Noahic Covenant" (Gen. 8:20-22). Noah also reestablished the true mode of worship by erecting an altar and sacrificing thereon, but the dispensation was a failure like its predecessors.

God commanded Noah and his sons to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, but instead of scattering, their posterity kept together, and sought to build a capital city and "make themselves a name" by building a "tower" to heaven. This was disobedience, and God came down and confused their speech, and scattered them abroad over the face of the earth. (Gen. 11:1-9) Even the names of the builders, except Nimrod (Gen. 10:8-10) are unknown. Here we have the origin of the different languages of the earth. The miracle was reversed at Pentecost. (Acts 2:4) Because of the relative shortness of this dispensation (approx. 427 yrs.), we shall study the major events in a chronological order.


(Gen. 8:20) Noah was held accountable to the revelations of faith. In that he found forgiveness. Those revelations included the preparation of the ark (obedience) and the offering of a sacrifice (Heb. 11:7).


(Gen. 9:1) "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish..." This is the original commission given to Adam (see Gen. 1:28).

Noah is a type of Adam in that:

A. They both were sole possessors of the earth.
B. They both had a direct commission from God.
C. They both replaced races which God did not want controlling the earth.
D. They both had three sons by name.
E. One of their sons was a type of Christ.
F. One was a type of Antichrist.
G. Shem and Abel are connected with Christ.
H. Cain and Canaan are both cursed.
I. Adam is naked when he sins, exactly as Noah.
J. Adam and Noah partake of "forbidden fruit."
K. Adam's prohibition is a vine, and Noah's prohibition is blood (Gen. 9:4).

Keep in mind that a vine is called a tree (Eze. 15:2,6) and the fruit of the vine is compared to blood (Deut. 32:14). Blood has been forbidden to drink before the law (Gen. 9:1-5) during the law (Lev. 17) and in this present age (Acts 15:20,29). New wine (grape juice) is the scriptural type of blood (Gen. 40:10,11; Isa. 65:8). Fermented liquor is forbidden (Prov. 23:31; 20:1). Noah obviously didn't get drunk on grape juice. 

III. A CROWN IS LOST (Gen. 9:20-24)

Noah partook of a forbidden fruit, exactly as Adam, and lost the crown to the Kingdom of Heaven just like Adam. Once again, by default, the crown reverts back to the "god of this world". As soon as he is in charge an effort is made to imitate God's original plan (Isa. 45:18). This is an exact repeat of the previous effort in (Gen. 6). Reach heaven with the sons of God.


It is during this dispensation that God scatters mankind around the earth and shows where they would all eventually find their place of inhabitance.

A. Ham- A curse of servitude is placed upon Canaan (Gen. 9:25). It was necessary for Canaan (Noah's grandson) to receive the curse because God had already blessed Noah and his sons (Gen. 9:1) As the posterity of Ham is followed through out the Bible they are seen to occupy Africa.

B. Shem- "Blessed be the Lord God of Shem" (Gen. 9:26). Shem, plainly receives something spiritual in Noah's prophecy. When it comes to spiritual perception, you can't beat Shem. Shem is the author of every major religion on earth. Shem is an introvert; he is a "meditator" and a fatalist - he is a thinker. Every author of the Bible can trace his descent to Shem; the Saviour of the world confessed He was "of the Jews". Shem spreads out across Asia and Asia Minor. (At 100 yards a day, American Indians could have traveled 61,307 miles before the 1st Crusade "1000 A.D.")

C. Japheth- "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem;" (Gen. 9:27). Although Shem lives in India, Japheth (Sir Hillary) has to climb his mountains. Although Shem lives in Japan, he must pattern his railways, planes, motorcycles, and ships after Japheth. Although Shem lives in China, he cannot develop his resources until Japheth (Russia) fires the primer for the "Reds." It is Japheth, not Shem, who discovers both Poles, the passage to India, the way to the Moon, electricity, the steam engine, the wireless telegraph, the telephone, radio, airplane, tank, and submarine. Shem, plainly does not major in geographical conquests, scientific inventions, and "higher standards of living."

"And he shall dwell in the tents of Shem". "Tents," here, refers to tents. The "tents" are Shem's tents, and a blind man would bump into them traveling across America in 1500, if he couldn't have seen them two feet away. Shem crosses the Bering Straits and sets up "Tents" from British Columbia to Cape Horn. Japheth crosses the Atlantic and takes them from him - more discrimination! And the ground you are sitting on right now is not yours at all. You are not American; you are European or African (unless, of course, you are a full-blooded Indian!). The ground your "tent" is on was Shem's hunting ground, where he pitched his tents from 1000 B.C. to 1800 A.D. "And he shall dwell in the tents of Shem." Noah's racial prophecies are to be believed literally, as they stand. They are total prophecies, involving the three major branches of mankind. History confirms them, common sense confirms them, and the Bible confirms them. Japheth has the tents, a plain case of discrimination. Shem has the Saviour and the Bible, another plain case of discrimination; Ham serves, a really plain case of discrimination; and all subsequent "exceptions" prove the rule. 

V. THE TOWER OF BABEL (Gen. 11:1-9)

It should be noted that these characteristics existed just before God wrought the judgment of confusion: (2 Thess. 2:11)

A. Total integration
B. One universal language
C. Babylonian worship
D. Attempts to get into outer space
E. Artificial, man made materials being used for God-made materials (Heb. 11:10)
F. An emphasis on "cities" and "towers"
G. The calling out of the Hebrews to Palestine (Gen. 10:30)
H. The exaltation of a Hamite ruler - Nimrod



The Encyclical Letter & Syllabus of the Eighty Errors - 1864

Article 15: "Anathema to whoever shall say: Every man is free to embrace and to profess religion which he believes to be true.

Article 24: Anathema to whoever will say: The church does not have the right to use force."

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